Posted 24 May

Open on Sundays

May 14 – Sep 3


Inhouse smoked Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato & mayo. 79
Cuban Sandwich
Ham, inhouse smoked pork, salami, cheddar, pickles & mustard. 79
Pilgrim Sandwich
Inhouse smoked turkey, lettuce, pickles, cranberry sauce & cheddar. 89
Sloppy Joe
Ground beef and pork  in a sweet rich tomatosauce with onions. Cheddar on top. 79
Brisket Sandwich
Inhouse smoked brisket, kimchi, lettuce, pickles & srirachamayo. 99
Cheese Sandwich
Inhouse smoked halloumi, cheddar, pepper jack, tomato, jalapeño & mayo. 89

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