Located in an old brewery building Malmö Brewing Co. revived the long lost brewing tradition in 2010. Starting with five year round beers and a tiny taproom we’ve expanded and refined our concept. Over the years we’ve taken on a more experimental approach. Allowing ourselves to be more creative and have more fun in the brewery.

in beer there is strength.

Brewing craft beer

Much like a chef a brewer is looking for high quality ingredients with the suitable character for every recipe. At Malmö Brewing Co. we work with a number of different suppliers, picking the best and most inspirational raw ingredients available to us. But craft beer is not just about great raw material. Someone have to craft a beer with those ingredients and make the right decisions along the way. Look for it and you will find a personal touch in every craft beer. Much like every chef adds a personal touch to their food.

Brewery tours

Reserve a tour of the brewery
Every Saturday at 16.30 we have a guided tour in our brewery with beer tasting! The tour and tasting takes about 1,5h and the cost is 300 SEK / person. Please note that the tour is held in Swedish. Private tours are available (English and Swedish) for groups of 8 and over by special request.

Bring it

Being a brewpub we don’t package our beer. That said, it’s still possible to enjoy Malmö Brewing beer at home or on your picnic etc. With our growlers you can swing by our taproom and get it filled with one of our delicious session beers (3.5% abv or less) It’s beer take away.

Beer in a growler and crowler

Unlike a traditional bottled or canned beer a growler/crowler should be consumed within 24-48h after filling. We also advise you to keep your growler/crowler cold to keep the freshness and quality of the beer.

Growler Maintenance

Once your growler is emptied make sure to rinse it with water, don’t use soap. Shake the water around inside and repeat until the water being poured out is no longer foaming. Place the growler upside down and to allow it to dry.

We won’t fill a dirty or funky smelling growler. Keep it clean cats.

Mead and Cider

We love beer, but we also love mead

Since 2016, Anders have been brewing mead under the brand
Malmö Meadery.
We try to always to have three mead and one cider on tap in our Taproom. We also make our own Hard Seltzer

Malmö Brewing Bar Cocktails

and cocktails...

2024 we opened a cocktailbar next to our Taproom where we different cocktails. Some of them are made with our own mead

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