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Includes homestyle sides. Creamed corn, Mac 'n' cheese, Coleslaw, BBQ Baked Beans, Pickles.

Brewmasters' brisket

Smoked fat cut brisket 189

Baby Back ribs

Full slab 189

Pulled pork

Classic smoked pork shoulder 139


Two chicken leg filets grilled over sharcoal 149

Bacon cheese Meatloaf

Smoked ground chuck and pork shoulder wrapped in bacon 149

Homemade sausage

ground pork 149

Veggie dinner

Bean burger with cheddar and pepper jack cheese 149

My only regret in life is that I did not order sides.

For larger groups

Must be pre ordered at least two days ahead. Combine this with our brewery tours. Write for more info Buffé för grupper mellan 30-72 personer, kombinera gärna med våra ölprovningar


Brisket, baby back ribs, pulled pork, chicken, bacon meatloaf, homemade sausage, Creamed corn, yellow rice, signature coleslaw, beans, pickles. 250 / per person

Groups 8 -50 persons

Pulled pork buffet

Build your own pulled pork burgers. 150 / person

america bbq buffé

5 mains, 5 sides. 285 / Person

Groups 30-72 persons

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